Power Ratings

This is a list of current power ratings used to rank power capabilities.


Alpha: Little or no power. Usually assigned to humans.

Beta: Small amount of power.

Gamma: Normal amount of power for an average organism.

Xeta: Above average amount of power. Often assigned to most members of the multiverse.

Omega: Large amount of power.

Sigma: Intense or unfathomable amount of power. Organisms with this classification usually have the power to wreak mass havoc across the multiverse.


Ultirion: An infinite amount of power, effectively making any organism with this classification a literal god. Reserved for Cinders and Cinders alone.

Hera: A power level that fluxuates completely at random.

Arrian: An entity with a power that grows with age.

Celsus: An entity who's power is harnessed within multiple objects, which themselves are powerful.

Chios: An entity with powers that exist within select dimensions.

Epoch: An entity capable of altering it's own power level.

Tiamat: An entity who's power derives from the existence or wellbeing of a certain individual, place, or object, or group.

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