Currently Discovered Realities

This is a list of alternate realities currently discovered by the Rulers of the Multiverse. Feel free to add your own if you discover or create any.

  • Omega-729, "Default": A reality where everything is normal, and where everything is the most itself. Widely acknowledged as baseline reality.
  • Alpha-311, "Swapped Multiverse": a variant of Omega-729 where character roles and powers are swapped. (Ex. Blitzz and Source, Gen and Randall, etc.)
  • Gamma-6969, "If you know what I mean": Identical to Omega-729, except everyone is forced to speak in sexual innuendos. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Sigma-047, "Genderbender": A variant of Omega-729 in which everyone, even artificial life or anything resembling life, is of the opposite gender.
  • Xeta-119, "Dead World": Appears to be a variant of Omega-729, with the exception that all life or anything resembling life has undergone complete cellular death. Research is being conducted on the reason as to why this reality is in it's current state.
  • Beta-431, "Unga bunga": Appears to be a variant of Omega-729 in which reality is constantly stuck within the paleolithic period, more commonly known as "prehistoric times".
  • Sigma-012, "25 Years Later": Appears to be a variant of Omega-729 in which reality is advanced 25 years into the future.
  • Gamma-127, "Anti-verse": A variant of Omega-729 where character appearances and personalities are completely inverted. (Ex, Source is red and orange, Monika hates writing, etc.)
  • Beta-034, "Fallen Multiverse": A variant of Omega-729 where the world has fallen into a post-apocalyptic state due to a plague that swept the universe, resulting in around ~340 billion infected individuals within the first 24 hours. Access to this reality is only granted to beings either wearing gas masks or those immune to the plague.
  • Alpha-037-B, “?!?!?”: We don't talk about Alpha-037-B.
  • Sigma-006, “25 Years Prior”: The opposite of Sigma-012, in which reality is 25 years into the past.
  • Beta-012, “Child’s Play”: Identical to Omega-729, except everyone is under the age of 9.
  • Sigma-423, “uwu”: Identical to Omega-729, except evwyone is fowced to speak in owo speak. This effect has been obsewved to be infohazawdous. The weason fow this is cuwwently unknown.
  • Alpha-631, “Harder Multiverse”: Identical to Omega-729, except all heroes and villains are enhanced and more powerful.
  • Alpha-311-B, “Inverted Multiverse": Similar to Alpha-311, except characters still retain their original personalities and powers, but are in swapped positions. (Ex. Gen is still chaotic, Miyu still loves video games, etc.)
  • Beta-034-B, “Falling Ever Farther": A variant of Beta-034 in which an evolved strain of the highly contagious plague mutates it's victims into disgusting, horribly disfigured monstrosities of flesh and bones, while they still remain alive and aware. Permission to enter this reality has been purged entirely.
  • Alpha-679, “The Corruption": A variant of Omega-729 where everything is controlled by Arctorus.
  • Omega-139, “The Superior Source": A variant of Omega-729 in which Source becomes a supervillain due to a series of heartbreaking events occurring. It is noted that none of these events occurred in baseline reality.

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