Backup Forces

While not members of the Multiverse themselves, Backup Forces are teams of around ten units assembled by MASA that can be sent out to assist a member of the Rulers of The Multiverse when they are needed.

Backup Forces tend to consist of trained military professionals or Xeta-level organisms, though can be composed of extradimensional creatures or members of captured GoIs under certain circumstances.

Backup Forces are rarely sent out, unless under certain circumstances.

Backup Force A01, "Do-It-Yourself"

"Don't stop at anything!"

Backup Force A01 is a Backup Force which, rather than consisting of those employed by MASA, consists of members of MASA themselves. This force is rarely ever sent out, and all their operations are strictly classified.

Backup Force A07, "Nostalgia Fighters"

"Oh, hi! Welcome to my schoolhouse!"

Backup Force A07 consists entirely of characters from Here School.

Backup Force B03, "Secure, Contain, Protect"

"Please approach SCP-173 for testing."

Backup Force B03 is formed from captured personnel from GoI-002, The SCP Foundation. Despite the lack of loyalty the Rulers of The Multiverse and MASA expect from them, they always seem to get the job done.

Backup Force B12, "Literature Girls"

"Here's Monika's writing tip of the day!"

Backup Force B12 consists solely of Monika, Natsuki, Sayori, and Yuri from the literature club.

NOTICE: As of 4/25/19, Monika has left the ouroboros system to pursue alternate multiverse bridging and colonization. As such, Backup Force B12 has been disbanded.

Backup Force C04, "Lost Souls"

"We just want to go home."

Backup Force C04 consists of lost souls recovered from the Shadow Hell.

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