How to add an article

These are instructions on how to add an article to the Rulers of The Multiverse database.

1. Enter into the URL what page you want to create. Example is shown below.

Enter the URL!

2. Click the "create page" button after you enter the URL and it takes you to your page.

Create the page!

3. Add text (See the Template page for a starter.)

Add text!

4. When you're ready to publish your article, hit Save, then edit the home list with the Edit button at the bottom.

Edit the home list!

5. Copy the link to your article. When you edit the home list, you'll likely notice that most links go to "some page". Replace the "some page" text with the link to your new page, and replace the Awaiting Entry text with what you want your article to be called. Click Save, then refresh the home page, and your article will be there!

Easy, right?

Just talk to Eli if you have any problems.

Add your article!
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