Battle System


Welcome to the Rulers of the Multiverse official battle guide! Here, you can find everything you need to know about duels and fights within roleplays, including EXP, LVL, and more!



Variables are important in battles. They can give you further detail about who you're up against. A variable guide is listed below.

Variable What it means Purpose
ATK Attack Tells you how strong someone can attack.
DMG Damage Tells you how much an enemy's attack reduced your HP.
DEF Defense Tells you how resistant someone's HP is to attacks.
EXP Experience Increases someone's LVL when they defeat an enemy.
HP Health Points Tells you how much damage someone can take before dying.
LVL Level Tells you how experienced someone is with combat. When it rises, it can increase ATK, DEF, and HP.
MGK Magic Tells you how experienced someone is with magic.

Of course, there are non-standard variables1. A chart of those is listed below as well.

Non-Standard Variables What it means Purpose
DC Darkness Corruption Tells you how corrupt with darkness your being is. 100 is total corruption. Exclusive to battles with Gen.
KR Karma How much damage you should take per turn based on the amount of bad things you've done to others. Maximum is 999. Exclusive to battles with Miyu, Yami, Sora, and Akarui.


Every time you're in a battle, you can access the battle menu. The battle menu is full of buttons and options you can use to your advantage during fights. A table of these buttons is listed below.

Button Purpose
Fight Defend yourself or attack enemies.
Act Perform actions to help/calm/satisfy the enemy.
Items Heal yourself or equip armor/tools.
Spare Peacefully end a battle after you've satisfied the enemy.
Run Quickly escape a battle. Has a 50/50 chance of working.


In a battle, you have the option to learn more about the enemy by going to act and selecting "Check". Checking gives you extra detail about the enemy you're fighting.

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